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How Can I Help?
We are all a part of the Body of Christ...  

We have different talents, gifts and abilities. God wants us to use them to seek the lost and bring them Jesus for salvation, hope and love. Please use your talents, gifts and abilities to help the NWCEA expand the Kingdom of God on earth. 

1) Help by giving prayer support. We seek Prayer Partners from churches that work with NWCEA, who will devote time to praying for God's guidance and blessings for the ministries of NWCEA. 

2) Make a financial contribution to help start new churches.  Tax-deductible checks may be written & sent to: NWCEA, 444 N. Holly Street, Canby, OR 97013.

Preferred Methods of Online Giving

If you decide that you would like to proceed with a one-time or reocurring gift online, we offer multiple options for do so.  Below is a list of our preferred meonds in order:

A.  ACH (e-check)

This method ensures that the highest percentage of your gift goes to the work of NWCEA.  To give via ACH (e-check), be sure to click on the check icon at the top of the screen when proceeding.


B. Debit Card

This method ensures that a high percentage of your gift to the work of NWCEA goes directly to NWCEA, and more importantly ensures that your giving is not causing you to go into debt.

C.  Credit Card

While giving gifts via a credit card is an option, it is not an option we recommend.  This option carries with it higher fees and the opportunity to accumulate credit card debt, which we teach against.  However, for those wo pay off their cards monthly and are financially responsible this option is available.


3) Tell us about a potential church planter.  Click here.

4) Talk with us about your Church or organization becoming a partner with NWCEA to plant a new church.  Click here.

5) Serve as a coach or mentor for a church planter. Click here.

Note:  If none of the links work on your computer or email service, please contact Sean Thome' at thenwcea@gmail.com, or telephone Sean at 503 789-2810.  Thank you for your support.

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