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Be A Parent Church

Birthing a new church

"Hardly anything demonstrates the health of a congregation as much as the willingness - and ability! - to give birth to new congregations."
"Reproduction through multiplication is simply a life principle of all God-created organisms, including the church of Jesus Christ."

- Christian A. Schwarz in "Natural Church Development, A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches"

NWCEA, in following this idea, encourages Christian Churches and Churches of Christ to plant a new church from within their congregation. We call churches who are willing to do this Parent Churches. We group Parent Churches together each year or two into a Parent Church Network so we can train and equip them and so they can support each other with prayer, ideas and other support.


Become a Church-Planting Church

We want to assist your church in planting a church. Often we can bring funding, partners willing to help with funding, tremendous experience, coaching and other resources to assist you in continuing the reproduction process of your church.

Statistics show that new churches are many times more effective at reaching the unchurched than established churches.  We want you to continue growing as a church, but we believe God wants us to plant new churches as well.

Please contact NWCEA to see what is involved in birthing a new church. Sean Thome', our Executive Director, is ready to talk to you about becoming a Parent Church.  Click here to start the ball rolling.  If you would like to talk personally to Sean, please call him at 503 789-2810.