Current Church Planting Projects

Church of the City (PDX Pearl Project)

Partnering with Eagle Christian Church of Idaho, Washington Christian Evangelical Association (CEA), Gladstone Christian Church and NWCEA, we are launching Church of the City (formerly PDX Pearl Project).  Situated in the Portland Pearl District, the partnership has called Russell and Emily Clum (originally from Gladstone Christian Church), from Eagle Christian Church of Idaho to lauch this new church starting Sunday, January 25.  Meeting times are at 10:00 am, at the Weston Ballroom, 1220 SW Taylor Street, Portland, OR.  God has led this couple over the years to seek a church planting opportunity in Portland (inner-city), where they God is calling them.  Let's celebrate this great victory in the Pearl District of Portland.

NWCEA is on the management team for this project, which is being led by CEA of Washington.  You can also be a part of this project.

How can I support The PDX Pearl Project?  You can pray for God to lead the management team and the church planting family.  Pray that God will be exalted and that He will demenstrate himself in this new church plant at the Weston Ballroom.  Also pray that hearts of believers and seekers will find this church to be a new home for spiritual growth.  You can direct your donations to The Church of the City Project, NWCEA, 444 N. Holly Street, Canby, OR 97013.  If you would like to connect directly with Russell Clum, you can reach him at 503.481.7244, or email him at  Their website is

Portland Urban Project (PDX Urban Project)

In September 2012, NWCEA was privileged to be the receiver of the Englewood Christian Church building and ministry assets from the Englewood congregation, for the purpose of planting a new church. 

Englewood Christian Church has a long and distinguished history.   Here is the legacy as stated In the August (and last) edition of the Englewood Evangel church newsletter:

“Hundreds (if not thousands) have come to faith in Christ because of the ministry of this church.  Men and women have gone from this body and become leaders of other churches.  The name of Christ has been exalted in the Concordia and surrounding neighborhoods for ninety years.”

But it has not really been PEOPLE who have done this. But GOD did this through his people. And God is not done.

The church could have continued for a little longer until all of its resources was gone and there is no money to keep up this large and beautiful building. The money could have been distributed to the missionaries ECC supports and that would be the end of that. But that would be the end of the vision that the pioneers of this church had in1922.  More important, it would be the end of the vision that God has that there be an outpost for Christ in this place continuing to influence men and women, and the entire culture for Christ. 

Because of who God is: a God who cares about and redeems people…and because of what God has done: he has used this church for 90 years… based on that, Englewood Christian Church chose to act.  After years of prayer and trying idea after idea and program after program to revitalize Englewood CC, after looking at and rejecting the options of merging with and becoming a satellite campus of a larger church, or asking another congregation to come alongside this one and mentor the leaders, the elders of ECC approached NWCEA in June 2012 about the possibility of partnering together so that a new congregation could be planted here.  Englewood would cease to exist and in doing so would provide some of the necessary resources for that to happen.  NWCEA would provide enough additional funds and partners to make it financially viable and find a church planter and help form a team to begin the new church.

What has happened since the gift of the Englewood CC Building?  NWCEA is leasing the building to two evangelical churches, who's mission is to reach specific demographic groups in the Englewood Church community.  They are growing and prospering in the area.  God is being proclaimed.

What is next for the building?  God is in control here.  There is still opportunity to plant an additional church.

But one thing is certain: we serve a God who loves the people of the NE Portland neighborhoods, and He desires that the name of Christ continues to be exalted. 

We thank God for the 90 year history of ECC. But we look forward with greater anticipation to see what God is going to do in this neighborhood.

Join us in prayer and financial support for this project.  We need our supporting partners to join us in prayer for the community surrounding Englewood Christian Church (PDX Urban Project).  We are also asking God for financial support for this project which could include an additional church planting family, church building maintenance and upgrades, and outreach to the community.  You can direct your donations to NWCEA, PDX Urban Project, 444 N. Holly Street, Canby, OR 97013.  If you would like to discuss future plans with the Director, Sean Thome' can be reached at 503.789.2810, or email at