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Donate To The Work Of The NWCEA / Expand Northwest and Current Church Planting Projects (Expand NW new Website)

You can support NWCEA's Encouraging Pastors, Equiping Leaders & Establishing Churches.  You will be a blessing to pastors, encourage leaders who are learning to diciple others, and to help start new churches in the Northwest.  We have several options for you to conveniently contribute on a tax-deductable basis:

1. Contribute Through Your Bank Online.  Set up online donations through your bank online.  If you pay bills online through your existing bank or credit union, you can also set up payments to NWCEA like you do with our other bills.  Simply enter NWCEA (Northwest Christian Evangelical Association) as a payee by filling out the payee information form online.  The NWCEA address is 444 N. Holly Street, Canby, Oregon 97013.  Our accounts receivable office phone number is 503-263-6420.  Your bank will simply send a reauthorized check to NWCEA directly from your checking account either on a one-time basis (as you request it) or on an on-going basis, for the amount you select.  This method of contribution does not cost you nor NWCEA and is most cost effective method of donating.  You will receive a receipt for your tax records as well as a regular newsletter.

2. Send A Check Directly To NWCEA / Expand Northwest.  You may send a check directly to NWCEA.  Be sure to give us information about yourself:  Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number.  We will send you a receipt for your tax records, as well as regular emails and newsletters.

3. Contribute Through The NWCEA / Expand Northwest Automated Online Service.  If you decide that you would like to proceed with a gift through the NWCEA automated online service, we offer multiple options for doing so.  After registering with NWCEA and donating, you will receive a receipt for your tax records, regular emails and newsletters.  Below is a list of our preferred methods in order.

ACH (e-check)

This method ensures that the highest percentage (other than through your own bank or credit union) of your gift goes to NWCEA.  To give via ACH (e-check), be sure to click on the check icon at the top of the screen when proceeding.


Debit Card

This method ensures that a high percentage of your gift goes directly to NWCEA, and more importantly ensures that your giving is not causing you to go into debt.

Credit Card

While giving gifts via a credit card is an option, it is not an option we recommend.  This option carries with it higher fees and the opportunity to accumulate credit card debt.  However, for those who pay off their cards monthly and are frequently responsible, this option is available.



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